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signs of autism in teenagers

Does My Teenager Have Autism? Signs of Autism in Teens

Does My Teenager Have Autism? Signs of Autism in Teenage Boys and Girls

In our experience, most children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism are diagnosed at a young age particularly when they have very obvious difficulties. However, many children go under the radar because their difficulties might appear subtle or not very problematic in early childhood. These difficulties or signs of autism are often highlighted more in their teenage years when relationships deepen, change and become more complex.  Continue reading

imaginative play for children with autism

15 Toys for ‘Imaginative Play’ this Christmas

15 Toy Ideas to Encourage ‘Imaginative Play’ this Christmas with Children with Autism

It’s nearly Christmas!  With the vast number of toys that we can choose from in toys shops and online it can be hard to narrow down the list, especially for children with autism. At Sunnyside Children’s Clinic, we love seeing toys that are great fun to play with but that also allow little ones to develop their play skills, such as imaginative play, problem solving, creativity, turn taking and sharing. Continue reading