Autism and Educational Apps

Top 50 Educational Apps For Children with Autism

Top 50 Educational Apps For Children with Autism

We love to supplement our core learning strategies with some of these fun apps.  The use of colours, songs, fun sounds/vibrations and collecting bonus items (such as treasure, stars etc.) add motivating aspects to keep children entertained and learning at the same time. See below for our extensive list of educational apps and details of the areas of learning they can help to target.

Matching and Puzzles

Matching app games are a great way to teach children several concepts, such as, attention to detail, association, symbolic representations, early play/social-based skills and receptive and expressive labelling.

These are a few of our favourite apps which we love to use to supplement traditional learning at Sunnyside Children’s Clinic.


Sorting apps can help teach the concept of categories and distinguishing differences while teaching within different areas such as colours, patterns, sizes and more.

Our favourite apps keep learning more interactive by sorting materials to gain fun rewards such as stars, musical songs/sounds etc.


There are tons of apps to help teach individuals with additional needs the concept of numeracy.

So many of our young learners at Sunnyside Children’s Clinic enjoy learning numbers, often in their free time as part of a leisure activity.

These particular apps allow you to record your own voice for labelling, use bright visual flashcards and matching/handwriting identification for more concrete learning.


Learning letters has been made into a fun game through the use of apps designed to include handwriting/matching games (upper and lower case letters), the use of rhythmic songs and visuals and pronunciation.


Many of our little learning can find this abstract concept a challenge so we like to use these apps to motivate and stimulate learning.

These apps teach using same/different concepts, flashcards, voice recording, matching and playful songs.


There are lots of fun colouring apps which use fun sound effects, the collection of rewards to teach our young learners to colour between the lines.

We like to think of these apps as complimentary to colouring with traditional utensils like colouring pencils and crayons.

Same and Different

Same and Different is core language objective for our early learners at Sunnyside Children’s Clinic. We love this app!


Learn opposites and attributes through funny graphics/flashcards, comparison techniques and sound effects.


Many of our young learners love learning all about shapes.  Try out some of the suggestions below!

Early Writing Skills

These Early Writing apps include features such as arrows for direction, chasing and following characters to help teach the formation of letters.


Apps to teach phonics to early learners through the use of labelling, repetitive voice recordings, song and fun matching games!

Body Parts

A great selection to get started learning body parts through systematic labelling and fun graphics and sounds.

Social Skills

We love teaching Social Skill to our little learners in the areas of initiating conversations, body language, appropriate/not appropriate actions and teaching personal space boundaries. Here are a few of our favourite apps which help to compliment our learning strategies:

Life Skills

Life Skills are an important part of a comprehensive learning programme at Sunnyside Children’s Clinic. We love it when one of our learners acquires a new Life Skill which they can then perform all by themselves.

These Life Skills apps allow children to collect prizes by breaking down larger tasks into smaller manageable steps.


These apps have been designed to show and label several emotions through cartoon and real-life faces.

Let us know what you think!

We hope you find the apps from our list helpful.

We’d love to hear about some apps you found successful and would like to share with us? If so, please give let us know in the comments section below.

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