School Years Programme

Children with ASD at playOur School Years Programme builds on existing skills for those learners who have transitioned into their school years. We know that children learn during every moment of every day. For children with autism, those learning opportunities are exceptionally valuable. After school, children have hours of time when learning can continue in the home and community. This can be done by supporting and tailoring learning opportunities. As a result this will teach the individual skills that your child is not learning spontaneously.

Individualized programmes designed for after-school hours can enhance your child’s academic, social and personal development. Using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, our programmes work along-side statutory educational provision to enhance your child’s learning opportunities to help them make the most of every hour of every day. Our School Years Intervention programmes are delivered in your home or community. This gives your children the opportunity to learn in his or her natural context.

Programme Goals at Sunnyside Children's Clinic

We work collaboratively with your family and you child’s school to set appropriate intervention targets. Above all this will provide support in using effective strategies for skill development. We can provide you with direct training in how to make the most of the after school hours. Most of our families choose to have “tutors” or “mentors” who support their child in two to four hour blocks every evening. During that time, your child may benefit from a variety of learning opportunities. These opportunities include: supported peer play sessions, supported community trips, structured learning time, self-care routines and family participation.

We can help you find home tutors and provide ongoing support and training to them and your family. We tailor a programme to your child’s unique needs and endeavour to support the whole child, as a member of his/her family, school and community.

We work with children who has received a diagnosis and we also work with children who have not yet received a formal diagnosis.

If you think your child might benefit from a School Years Intervention programme and would like to meet with us to discuss getting started, please contact us to discuss this.