Early Intervention

Child with ASD playing with toys

Our Early Intervention Programme is designed for our youngest learners just starting out on the path to learning. Early intervention involves the delivery of an individualised, comprehensive and integrated programme in which skills compliment and build upon each other.

We believe in setting a strong foundation for our little learners. Quality intervention programmes progress systematically through the developmental stages of learning, with an emphasis on an individualised curriculum for each child.

Decades of empirical research suggest that early intervention that is based upon evidenced-based practice is most effective. Using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis we design intervention programmes that are grounded in this research and that avail of the many tried and tested autism-specific strategies.

For our very young learners with autism or related disorders, we use a fun, interactive, play-based approach, giving children the opportunity to adapt to frequent learning opportunities with others. Children are engaged in both structured and incidental teaching opportunities, taking advantage of situations that occur in the natural environment to learn new skills.

We believe in empowering all of our parents with the knowledge and education required to work directly with their child. This allows learning to occur ‘all day, every day’ instead of just during dedicated teaching sessions.

Once a positive learning environment is established, more structured learning opportunities are gradually included to challenge our young learners. Structured learning opportunities involve access to preferred activities and positive reinforcers; it also allows for more difficult skills to be taught in a more systematic manner.

What will my child learn through an Early Intervention Programme?

Objectives for our early learners include a wide range of skills, including the learning readiness skills of attention, imitation and co-operation. Once a child has developed these skills, our intervention targets expand to include receptive and expressive language development, the social use of language, play and social interaction skills, self care and academic readiness.

Teaching involves breaking complex skills down into small basic units of behaviour, guiding the child to demonstrate the behaviours, and providing positive reinforcement for doing so. Learning becomes a rewarding process, and ultimately, children with autism learn how to learn.

How might my child benefit from an Early Intervention Programme?

Children with autism characteristically do not learn readily from typical environments. Young children who follow a typical path of development acquire new skills at a very rapid rate. We aim to help our young learners access those same learning opportunities that other children naturally seek out. We do this by enriching the learning environment, changing our own interaction style and using lots of positive reinforcement. Setting goals that are appropriate to your child’s developmental level helps them to experience success and enthusiasm for learning.

Why should I chose an Early Intervention Programme for my child?

At present, the only successful intervention for children with autism that is supported by credible scientific evidence is based upon the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. The delivery of such programmes are comprehensive, in that they use multiple methods to address a range of skill areas. They are intensive, in that one-to-one teaching is provided for a number of hours per week. Intervention is also provided as early as possible.

How do I get started with my child’s Early Intervention Programme?

Through our Intake and Assessment Process, we can help you start this journey. After you make initial contact with us, we can give you additional information on our services. Once you provide us with some basic information on your child, we can arrange an Initial Screening Visit at your home. This will give us the opportunity to meet and play with your child and to find out more about them during our visit .

Following the Screening Visit, we will provide you with written recommendations regarding your child’s proposed intervention programme. Once you decide to start, we then provide the training and ongoing consultancy to ensure your child’s programme is successful.

We work with children who has received a diagnosis. We also work with children who have not yet received a formal diagnosis.

If you are interested in learning more about our Early Intervention Programme or in applying for a Screening Visit, please contact us.